Divisions & Units

The University of Missouri Police Department (MUPD) is organized into two divisions — Support Services and Operations — and nine units (see Organizational Chart). All but one of the units report to one of those two divisions. The Executive unit (see below) includes Accreditation and reports directly to the Chief of Police. Units that report to Support Services include Staff Services (which oversees Campus Safety Officers), Security, Communications, Records and Property (which oversees Lost and Found). Units that report to Operations include Patrol, Investigations and Crime Prevention.

Executive Unit

The Executive Unit is staffed by a sworn sergeant who reports directly to the Chief of Police. This sergeant serves as the Accreditation Manager and is functionally responsible for policy development/revision and ensuring compliance with all accreditation standards. The Executive Sergeant also serves as the training coordinator for the department and completes other duties as assigned.

Executive Sergeant



The University of Missouri Police Department is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). MUPD has been accredited with CALEA since March 2001. In December 2003, August 2006, August 2009, July 2012, July 2015, and July 2019 the department was reassessed as a candidate for re-accreditation. In March 2004, November 2006, November 2009, November 2012, November 2015, and November 2019 the department received re-accreditation. A history and information about CALEA can be obtained from their web site at: http://www.calea.org/

In addition to CALEA accreditation, the department was also accredited through IACLEA in June of 2007, January of 2010, January 2013, November 2015, and November 2019. IACLEA looks at CALEA standards and adds additional standards for campuses. More information on IACLEA accreditation can be obtained at: https://www.iaclea.org/accreditation-commission



The Commander of Operations is a Patrol Captain who reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Commander of Operations is the administrative supervisor of Patrol Operations, the Investigative Unit and the Crime Prevention Unit. Other responsibilities include sending emergency messages to the campus community, serving as the department’s at-risk liaison, ensuring the university’s compliance with the Clery Act, serving as the university’s campus safety survey administrator, preparing the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report and completing administrative reports and tasks as assigned. 

Division Commander


Patrol operations


Crime prevention