For EMERGENCIES dial 9-1-1

University of Missouri Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-7201

Media contact

Please contact the MU Public Affairs at (573) 882-6211 or email

During a campus emergency please do not call MUPD.  Instead, check for updates on the MU Alert and MU Public Affairs websites. These are the only official resources of information for the public and news media during an emergency.  Once an all-clear is issued, a university spokesperson can assist with questions. 

Division/Unit contact information

Please see our Divisions page for more contact information.

Clery Act compliance

Contact our Clery Compliance Coordinator at


Positive or negative, we welcome the community’s feedback and view it as an opportunity to continuously improve.  Individuals wishing to provide feedback may do so utilizing either, or both, of the below avenues.  Please see the descriptions of each method as each serves a different purpose.

Accreditation Public Comment Portal – Feedback submitted through the portal goes directly to our accrediting body, CALEA, and is a means for the public to provide comments, commendations, and other information regarding our agency’s quality of service and/or other information relevant to the accreditation process.  Please understand CALEA is NOT an investigating body.  As such, if you wish your comments to be submitted for investigation, or into an officer’s personnel file, you should use MUPD’s formal Commendation/Complaint process.

Formal Commendation/Complaint Process – Feedback submitted through MUPD’s formal commendation/complaint form will be routed directly to MUPD for submission into the employee’s personnel file (commendations) or for further investigation by MUPD’s Internal Affairs Division (complaints). An explanation of the commendation/complaint process can be found on the commendation/complaint page.