The MU Police Department offers free training to members of the campus community. Training includes how to survive an active shooter incident and a variety of self-defense courses. We encourage you to watch this “Surviving an Active Shooter” video.

Citizens’ Response to Active Threats (C.R.A.T.)

This course is based on Greg Crane’s ALiCE ® program and the Department of Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight ® Program. It takes a comprehensive approach to dealing with active shooter/violent intruder incidents that may occur in the workplace, school or public settings. Participants are taught to use integrated strategies incorporating environmental design, technology and communication, law enforcement Response, and most importantly, ACTION by those in immediate danger because they are the REAL first responders. Participants will learn how to react and respond to violent intruders by taking an active role in their own survival.

This free class is taught in two formats:

  1. Classroom Only (1.5-2 hours)
  2. Classroom with hands-on practical block (3-4 hours).

This class is offered:

  1. In its full 3-4 hour format at least once a semester at MUPD. Click here to see course schedule and register.
  2. To groups with at least 15 people at a campus location. Interested groups can choose which of the above formats best suits their needs. Due to the high demand for this course, we can only accommodate requests from groups affiliated with the University of Missouri. To request a course, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at
    NOTE: Requests for this course must be made at least two weeks in advance.
    For more information, contact MU Police Crime Prevention or call 573-884-7809.

Self-defense programs

We offer a variety of self-defense programs free of charge. Our instructors are certified through R.A.D. Systems, the ALiCE Training Institute, and Krav Maga Worldwide. Due to differing dynamics in attacks on men versus women, our basic self-defense programs are offered in a gender-specific* format. Please note: Basic courses are pre-requisites to some of our more advanced courses.
*Gender-specific courses welcome all who identify as the gender for which the course was designed.

Women’s Programs

R.A.D. Courses
Our women’s courses include Basic R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense), Advanced R.A.D. and Aerosol/Keychain. Basic R.A.D. is one of our most popular courses.

Men’s Programs

Men’s Self-Defense

This course is designed to provide participants with information, tactics and considerations which may be useful for various types of confrontational encounters perpetrated against men. The program is approximately 13 hours in length. Attendees will learn de-escalation and physical self-defense techniques while also increasing awareness of aggressive behavior and ways to implement bystander intervention. Click here to see course schedule and register.

Non-Gender Specific Programs

General Safety Overview

This 90-minute General Safety Overview is appropriate for anyone interested in learning safety tips and techniques designed to increase situational awareness and reduce the risk of being the victim of a crime. Request this program here.

Car Care Clinic

This program teaches participants how to perform basic emergency maintenance, such as changing a flat tire, jump-starting a vehicle and what tools everyone should carry in their vehicles. Time permitting, participants will also learn about some of the systems in the vehicle (electrical, fuel, brakes, etc.) and how to troubleshoot issues prior to taking the vehicle to a mechanic. Although not a requirement, participants are encouraged to bring their own vehicle so they will become more familiar with what they drive on a regular basis. Register for this clinic here.