Media Relaese 11-2014 | University of Missouri Police Department

MEDIA RELEASE -- Oct 5, 2014

Contact: Captain B. Weimer
Office (573) 882-5923
Cellular (573) 999-1979

Clery Release Sent to Campus:

On Oct 5, the following Clery Release was sent to the University of Missouri Campus. There are no additional details available for release.

CLERY RELEASE -- Oct. 5, 2014

Information on Rape Reported to MUPD:

On Oct. 4, the University Police Department (MUPD) received a report from a female victim that she was raped in the early morning hours of Oct. 3 by an unknown male in a residence hall. The victim did not know which residence hall, and at this time, can only provide the following description of the suspect: tall male, dark haired, dark complected and skinny. This information is provided to the community in an effort to keep the community informed of crimes on campus. MUPD encourages all victims of crime to report the incident so they may receive assistance, counseling, and help with the incident in addition to apprehending the suspect and providing accurate crime statistics to the community. MUPD has posted several documents, covering various safety topics that can be reviewed and printed at:

MUPD 11-2014