Clery Relaese 10-2013 | University of Missouri Police Department

Clery Release -- Oct. 11, 2013

Information on Sexual Assault Reported to Residential Life

Residential Life staff have received a report of a sexual assault that occurred early the morning of Oct. 6, 2013 in an MU residence hall in the Rollins group involving a female resident and a male person unknown to her. The perpetrator entered the student's room when she answered the door expecting a friend. The student has received medical attention and been offered additional support services and assistance, including the option to report the incident to law enforcement. At the time of the assault, all exterior doors to the facility were locked electronically. The female victim has chosen not to speak to the University Police Department at this time; however, the University is working with the victim to get her the assistance she needs to get through this incident.

The suspect description currently available is extremely limited, only that he is a larger male.

Clery 10-2013
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