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Crime Prevention

While all officers in the University of Missouri Police Department take a community policing approach, the Crime Prevention Unit's primary function is proactive law enforcement. The unit focuses on community and personal safety, educational programming and training, and property security. Please see below for the services, resources, and programming we offer.

The Crime Prevention Unit utilizes crime analysis and mapping to help determine crime trends and problem areas. This data is used to develop and implement preventive measures to deter criminal activity. While we recognize that nothing will completely eliminate crime, we know crime can be deterred with the help of our community. By remaining aware of your surroundings, actively protecting your property, and taking precautionary steps to ensure your safety, you will become an integral part of the community policing program. A Crime Prevention Officer can also assist you with information for reports, interviews, and other class projects.

Lieutenant April Colbrecht coordinates the activities of the Crime Prevention Unit, which is comprised of three full-time Crime Prevention Officers (James Young, Joan Haaf, and Jake Clifford). Officers in the Crime Prevention Unit are responsible for coordinating and presenting educational programming and training, participating in resource and job fairs, conducting security surveys, and monitoring emergency phone placement and usage.  The Crime Prevention Unit’s efforts are supplemented by patrol officers who assist with programming in their assigned districts.




The University Police Department offers free escorts to your on-campus destination. Call 573-882-7201 to request an escort by one of our Security Officers or Campus Safety Officers. Please note these escorts are done on foot and we cannot provide rides to your destination.

Property Registration

Registering your property will increase your chances of getting your property back if it is lost or stolen. Property that can be registered includes bicycles, electronic property (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc), or any other valuable property with a serial number. Did you know City of Columbia Ordinance (14-494) requires you to register your bicycle? Bicycle Registration meets the City of Columbia Ordinance. Follow the link to register your property. Note: To register property with the University of Missouri, you must have an active University of Missouri pawprint and password.

Security Survey 

This offering must be requisitioned by a building coordinator or office administrator. The Crime Prevention Officer will evaluate your building/office space and make suggestions for changes that would increase overall safety and security in and around your area. Request Survey



We have information on a variety of topics including General Safety, Traffic/Driving Safety, Ride Share Tips, Theft Prevention, Emergency Procedures, Bicycle Laws, and more. Please check out our Safety Tips page for brochures and information on the above topics.

Identity Theft

Learn how to guard against identity theft and what to do if it happens to you. Click here for identity theft information and resources.

Lost or Stolen Wallet/Purse

Find out what to do and who to contact if your wallet is lost or stolen. Also access out wallet inventory form to help you keep track of your important information.


The University Police Department offers a variety of programs and presentations free of charge to members of the University community. While no program can prevent all crimes, education is essential to safe and responsible decisions. These are only a few courses we offer, and we can tailor most programs around you or your organization's needs.

When requesting a program, please be sure to give us a minimum of two weeks notice. The months of April and October are busy in terms of program/presentation requests. We will do our best to accommodate your request. However, during times of high demand, a Crime Prevention Officer may not be available for the dates and times you request.

Visit us or send us a message to put us to work for you!

No time for a program or presentation? If you are just looking for some quick information, we have several resources and brochures that may be of interest.

Personal Safety Presentation

This hour-long program develops awareness and promotes safe living by focusing on tips and techniques to reduce the likelihood of an attack. The attack you will always win is the one with which you are never involved.
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Rape Awareness, Education, and Prevention

Education, awareness, and prevention presentations are offered to members of the campus community through the academic year in collaboration with the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP). 
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Alcohol Awareness

In this program, the effects of alcohol on the body are discussed. In addition, students learn Missouri and Columbia laws relevant to the issue, and how the police enforce the laws. Fatal Vision Goggles are used to simulate alcohol in the body. 
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Campus Safety and Emergency Planning

This presentation serves as a means to advance and respond to the need for formalized conversations around crisis response, campus protocol, and emergency management on our campus.  Our goal is to enhance the quality of university and campus life through the creation of a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors to pursue a positive work and educational experience.
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Dealing with Bomb Threats

Our University is not immune to bomb threats. Discover how to deal with a bomb threat from taking the initial call to evacuating the building. Learn what to expect from the MUPD in responding to these threats.
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Drug Awareness

The University of Missouri Police Department offers three programs on Drug Awareness:
  • The first program is designed to assist Community Advisors by informing them what is needed to make a drug arrest and the valuable role they play in helping the campus combat drugs. A drug burn is also done to allow the CA's the opportunity to identify Marijuana by sight and smell, as well as relevant paraphernalia. 
  • The second program is for the public by raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and what each person can do to help combat the problem.
  • The third program focuses specifically on Predatory Drugs, which are used for the purpose of rendering a victim passive, submissive, or unable to resist sexual advances or assault. This program will discuss predatory drug characteristics and effects, and tips to avoid unknowingly consuming these drugs.
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Golf Cart Etiquette

The University of Missouri has established golf cart guidelines to reduce property damage and protect drivers/passengers of golf carts and similar utility-type vehicles from injury. This presentation is designed to educate participants in proper operation and registration of golf carts on campus.
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Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers and/or driver's license numbers and uses them for their own personal gain. It can start with lost or stolen wallets, stolen mail, a data breach, computer virus, “phishing” scams, or paper documents thrown out by you or a business. Participants will learn how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and what to do if it happens.
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New Employee Orientation

Our department has teamed up with Human Resources to present a general information seminar about MUPD and the crimes that occur on campus. We offer suggestions on how to reduce crime in the new employees work area and provide resources offered by MUPD.

Pedestrian Safety

Participants will learn safe practices for pedestrians. This program covers accident statistics on campus, laws concerning pedestrians and crosswalks, and other pedestrian concerns/risks.
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Workplace Violence 

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reports that workplace violence has been on the rise for several years. This program focuses on recognition of problems in fellow employees and safeguarding your place of work from outside violence.
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Custom Training

Not seeing what you were looking for? We may be able to tailor any of the above presentations or other topics to suit your needs. All our programs are free of charge and we offer a wide variety of topics.
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© — Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved. DMCA and other copyright information. An equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. Published by MU Operations.