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Wallet Thefts

The theft of wallets and purses are among the most common crimes at the University of Missouri- Columbia. On average, our officers take 10-15 reports of stolen purses/wallets each month. Many more are stolen and not reported, often because the victim does not think to notify the police or believes that they have lost their wallet/purse.

If you are a victim of a wallet or purse theft there are many things to think about:

  • What was in your wallet?
  • Do you know your credit card numbers?
  • Do you know the number to call to cancel your credit cards?
  • Is your Social Security Card now missing?
  • Are you missing a check book or ATM card?
  • How can I get a new Driver's License?

A great way to have an answer to all of these questions and more is to have an inventory sheet for your wallet. This, obviously, needs to be made before a theft occurs, and should be stored in a safe place other than your wallet!

Call your Credit Card Company and cancel your cards

  • For Discover, call (800) 347-2683, a/k/a 800-DISCOVER
  • For American Express, call (800) 528-4800 for green card; or (800) 327-2177 for a gold card
  • For Visa and MasterCard you must contact the bank that issued your credit card. This information is probably in your latest bill. If you know the bank name but not the 1-800 number call 1-800-555-1212 (it's a free call)

Check for unauthorized activity on your credit cards

Police will want to know amounts, times/dates, and location of all unauthorized activity of your credit cards.

Contact your bank and advise them of any ATM cards or checks that were stolen

You'll need to know the name of your bank your account number and which checks are missing.

Contact the Social Security Administration to report a stolen card


Contact all 3 major credit bureaus fraud department to check for unauthorized new accounts


Contact the Police to file a report

  • (573)882-7201 for MUPD
  • (573) 442-6131 for CPD and Boone County Sherrifs